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INDM 5222 - Principles and Practices of Lean Systems

Tips on completing the book review term paper for INDM 5222

The Book Review for INDM 5222

Bibliographic information about the book

  • title
  • author
  • publisher
  • place of publication
  • date of publication
  • ISBN
  • number of pages

Information about the book author

  • why is the author qualified to write this book
  • what are the educational/professional credentials of the author
  • other books/articles written by this individual

Information about the organization of the book

  • brief summary of the book
  • how is the book organized
  • does it include illustrations
  • does it include case studies or important business items to consider

Specific information required for INDM 5222

  • Justification or rationale for reviewing the book (foundational or cutting edge)
  • Discussion of how the book relates to course goals
    • You may be able to address this chapter by chapter or part by part
    • Utilize your course syllabus for elements to address
    • Relate the book review to other assignments/courses
    • Consider how you will use the knowledge gained from reading this book 


  • Provide a reference/citation for information that is not your own idea or opinion
  • If in doubt - cite the information in your text and provide a reference