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Working with International Students--Tips for Faculty

Tips for faculty working with international students

Different values and customs

If you have not been a student in a classroom for a while, think about some of the issues the ESL learners in your classrooms may be experiencing.

International Student

This web site offers good advice for students considering the US for academics.  See the section on The USA Way of Life.

American Values

From the Davis International Center at Princeton University, this provides another description of American values.

Cultural Advice from University Language Services 

There is a very good section explaining time and punctuality.  Entries are in alphabetical order, so Time is closer to the bottom of the page.


Some international students are not accustomed to purchasing textbooks.  For example, in India, textbooks are available for a 15-day check-out period from the library.  American libraries typically are not funded to purchase textbooks for student use. In the US this is viewed as part of the student's educational expense.  The library does have a limited number of textbooks, but many of them circulate for a short time (usually between 1 and 7 days).  The JCK Library has a guide on locating textbooks that may be helpful if students have questions.