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Counselor Education: Professional School Counselors

Role of the Professional School Counselor

Professional Counselors work in a variety of school and community settings to help people make adaptive decisions. Through counseling, consulting, and educational activities, Professional Counselors help people fulfill their potential and realize their goals.

Professional School Counselors work in elementary, middle and high school settings addressing the personal, social, educational and career needs of students. Professional School Counselors implement and manage comprehensive school counseling programs, oversee the delivery of guidance curriculum, provide individual and group counseling, coordinate activities and provide consultation to parents and teachers to:

  • Prevent and address learning obstacles.
  • Help students develop the personal and social skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to live healthy and productive lives.
  • Facilitate student exploration and implementation of academic and career goals.

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Find all of the library's databases here.  Note that you may limit your search to a broad subject area, such as Education or Psychology.

The databases listed below are particularly helpful for education research.  If you're not sure where to start, you might want to try either Education Research Complete or ERIC.  Both are excellent starting points for most education topics. 

E-Reference and Streaming Video Databases

Credo Reference offers traditional reference resources, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, in electronic format. One very helpful feature is the citation found at the end of each entry.  You can select the style manual (such as APA, Chicago, Harvard, or MLA).

Education in Video and Counseling and Therapy in Video are useful for both pre-service and current educators and counselors.