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Citation Indexes

Lists places where scholars can track the number of times their work has been cited.


In 2010, a group of researchers shared a vision of using the social web for analyzing and informing scholarship.  

J. Priem, D. Taraborelli, P. Groth, C. Neylon (2010), Altmetrics: A manifesto, 26 October 2010.

For a recent review of alt-metrics:

Dhiman, A. K. (2015). Bibliometrics to Altmetrics: Changing Trends in Assessing Research Impact. DESIDOC Journal Of Library & Information Technology35(4), 310-315.

Some tools for analyzing alt-metrics

  • Impact Story - an open-source web site to help researchers share the online impact of their research.  Requires an ORCID (free). Funded by the National Science Foundation.
  • PLOS Impact Explorer - Mashes up alt-metrics data from Altmetric with articles from the Public Library of Science (PLoS).