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COM 5000: Introduction to Graduate Studies: Search Tips

Before you watch these videos

Here is an example that illustrates how different words can be used for essentially the same topic.  Pretend each item in the bulleted list is a newspaper headline:

  • Teen  Violence on the Rise
  • Officials:  Youth Crime Wave yet to Peak
  • Juvenile Delinquency Increasing, Study says
  • More Adolescents Arrested
  • Gen Z runs Amok

Each headline essentially refers to the same age group of people (those words are underlined) and any of these articles could have been missed unless you thought to search for all five of the terms used to reference this age group.  There are other examples as well:  smoke, smokers, smoking, tobacco use....  Or for cancer: cancer, cancerous, neoplasm, carcinogenic....  Most of the time, a number of terms can be used for any simple search.  The videos below will provide some ideas about coping with synonyms.

Synonyms and Keywords

Selecting Keywords

Search results and records in databases