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INDM 4260: Organization Dynamics

A guide to help with the research paper assigned in INDM 4260

Why Do I Need an Outline

  • To help you think through your topic
  • To help with writer's block
  • To save you time
  • To make communication more effective 

It is required by your instructor

Information from: Porter, J. (2010, Oct. 28). Outlines help you write better, faster [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://blog.journalistics. com/2010/use-outlines-to-write-better-faster/

The Outline

1. State your topic.

2. Develop a list of points you want to discuss.

3. Organize your main points.

4. Add sub-topics to your main points by adding content that contributes to your talking points.  This is where you include:






Resources to help develop an outline