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CFD 4220: Sexuality Across the Lifespan

This guide is intended for students in CFD 4220: Sexuality Across the Lifespan.

Book Report Assignment

Books and selected videos are reserved under CFD 4220 at the James C. Kirkpatrick Library.   (See list below.) Write  a 1-2 page report including the following components: (1) Title and publication year (2) Summary- table of contents (3) Explanation of the five most important things you have learned (4) Relate what you have learned in class (5) Conclusion/Other Comments. 


Be sure to use a new paragraph for each question. You may number the question or use headings or underlining for organization.


You will give a 5-minute oral presentation in a small group setting. The class computer will not be available, but you may bring your own laptop. 

If you are absent on your scheduled presentation day, you may make a 5-minute video for 1-3 points (depending on the quality of your presentation).  You will need to email your video or link to everyone in the class within one week of your scheduled presentation day.

List of Materials on Reserve for CFD 4220