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APA Boot Camp

Information on the most common types of citations, citing images, and creating tables and figures. “How-to” tips and practice exercises are also included. NOTE: Examples may not display hanging indents in PowerPoint.

Insert a running head with page numbers

Open MS Word and select the Insert Tab.  This is where you will find your Header and Footer tools.

Insert tab with header tools highlighted

Click the drop down button next to Header and select the second item.  The second item in the drop down box should have three columns.  Each column should say [Type here].  

Header drop down box with three columns selected

Selecting this will insert the header into your document.  Your page should look something like this:

You are now ready to create the header for your first page.  Place your cursor in the first [Type here] area.  Type Running head: and the title of your paper.  Go over to the second [Type here] area and delete it.  You should now see this on your screen (yours should include the title of your paper).

Header without page numberTo insert a page number, place your cursor in the third [Type here] column.  Then click on the drop down button for Insert Page Number.  Choose Current Position.  Choose the first example.  The picture below illustrates these steps.  Check with your instructor about placing a page number on the title page as there is not consensus on this element.  The examples in APA, 6th. ed. show a number on the title page. 

Insert page number examples

You should now have the number 1 in the third [Type here] area of your header.  Your first page header should look like this.You are now ready to change the header on all other pages in your document because APA only uses the text Running head on the first page. All other pages will have only the title of your paper. First, move to the second page of your paper.

Open the Header and Footer tools (on the Insert tab).  Select the box: Different First Page.  Insert a page number.  Your second page header should look something like this:

This header will now appear on all pages in your paper, except for the first page.