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APA Boot Camp

Information on the most common types of citations, citing images, and creating tables and figures. “How-to” tips and practice exercises are also included. NOTE: Examples may not display hanging indents in PowerPoint.

Title page instructions for Social Work majors based on pages 47 and 50 of A Pocket Style Manual, 7th edition. APA Version

The first thing on your title page is the Running head.  It is flush with the left margin.  The words Running head are followed by a colon and an abbreviated title of your paper.  It must be under 50 characters.  Insert the page number on the same lin flush with the right margin.

Your title goes about halfway down the page (if your paper is set to double-space, hit the enter key about 9 times); center the title.  Add your name and school.

At the bottom of you page you may add an Author Note.  This item is optional; ask your instructor if it is required.

The examples below illustrates a title page.  In this example, the Running head: and page number are in the header (Example 2).  I have also turned on the show paragraph marks (see item marked in red; Example 1).  This allows me to count the number of lines on my paper so I know exactly where the center is.

Example 1

Menu with show/hide for paragraph marks highlighted

Example 2​Title page formatted according to information from : A Pocket Style Manual. 7th Edition. APA Version by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers.