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APA Boot Camp

Information on the most common types of citations, citing images, and creating tables and figures. “How-to” tips and practice exercises are also included. NOTE: Examples may not display hanging indents in PowerPoint.

Using images

Images may be used in the following types of academic works:

  • Research paper
  • Poster
  • Presentation
  • Online

If you do not create the image, you should credit the original source.

APA requires you to describe the type of material.  Those include:

  • Photography
  • Print
  • Oil painting
  • Painting
  • Sculpture

Example citation for a painting:

  • In Text Citation
    • Sargeant's Egyptians Raising Water from the Nile  (see Figure 1) ......
  • Reference Citation (double-spaced and hanging indent required in your paper)
    • Sargent, J. S. (1890-91). Egyptians Raising Water from the Nile. [Painting]. Retrieved from


If you have additional questions about citing images, see Chapter 5 of the following book.  Both APA and MLA examples are provided: