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APA Boot Camp

Information on the most common types of citations, citing images, and creating tables and figures. “How-to” tips and practice exercises are also included. NOTE: Examples may not display hanging indents in PowerPoint.

Hanging indent function in MS Word

The simplest and easiest way to have your citations utilize the Hanging Indent required by APA, is to use the function in MS Word that automatically formats your citation.

Step 1 - Type your citation.  Here is an example: 

Haybron, D. M. (2008). Philosophy and the science of subjective well-being.  In M. Eid & R. J. Larsen (Eds.), The science of subjective well-being (pp. 17-43). New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Step 2 -  Highlight the citation.  Right click.  Choose paragraph.

Step 3 -  In the paragraph dialog box (see next image). Under Special, Choose Hanging.  Set the line numbering to double. 

Step 4 -  You have a completed citation with double spacing and a hanging indent.  

Tip # 1 - If you type all of your citations single-spaced with no formatting other than italics you can select (highlight) all of your references (an entire page) and format it as one paragraph.