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Letters About Literature: Missouri: 2016 Level 1


2016 Level 1

Level 1--1st Place

Dear Suzanne LaFleur,

Your book Love, Aubrey has changed my perspective on the world in many
ways. The book has helped me through hard times, and it has changed who I am
emotionally. Love, Aubrey really moved me the first time I read it.

The book helped me have a better view on the world. It helped me realize that
there won't always be good in the world. Every day, something bad is going to happen.
We can't stop that. The main character, Aubrey, had terrible things happen to her
everyday. She kept her head up high and went on with life. Even though she is a
fictional character, I look up to her.

Love, Aubrey has helped me through hard times. Whenever I am upset, I read
my favorite parts of the book. It helps me understand that other people are going to
have worse days than me, and I need to be thankful for that. I need to be thankful that I
won't always have bad days.

I remember reading the book for the first time; I cried during some parts. I
remember sitting in my bedroom reading the part when Aubrey explains the car cra~!:'!·" !
started bawling because it brought back some painful rnemorias~"f-my grandfather. I
realized that my life was somewhat similar to Aubrey's life. We both lost family members
that we were really close to. We both had hard days that brought back memories of
them. Most of all, we both have come to the conclusion that we'll never get them back.

Your book has inspired to me do something other than just wish for them to come
back. It has helped me realize a lot of things. Yes, I will never get them back. No, I will
not just forget about them. Love, Aubrey has given me the impression that you can
never forget about your loved ones. A lot of times I worry that I'll forget about my
grandpa. Your book has given me many ideas that will help me remember him in the
best ways possible.

I want to thank you for writing the book Love, Aubrey. Without it, I might not have
the same perspective on the worldas I do now. It has changed my thoughts and
feelings about a lot of things! It has changed my view on others people's feelings. It has
helped me realize that there will never be just good in the world. There will always be
some bad in the world. Thank you for helping me realize all of these things!

                                                                           Kaylin Cotton 


Level 1--2nd Place

Dear Rachel Renee Russell,

I was told not to write a fan letter, but there is a little bit of a fan letter in
it. I love your entire Dork Diaries series. They were so fun for me to read and I
could relate to it a lot. I never realized it until third grade that they were really
good books. Before I thought they were just weird and strange books.

Because one day because I had started to read them, people were
starting to tease me because of the title of the book series. Everyone was
calling me a dork because I was carrying the book in my hands and backpack. I
ignored them and got so attached to the series so that if I hear there is a new
book, I have to read/ have it. In the books, ~ikki is so much like me with only a
couple of friends and other people being rude about what people like us wear
to school instead of wearing what everyone else wears. I think because I had
started to read the books, I was learning to embrace the "dorkiness" in me. I will
admit that I am a little bit weird, but not in the way my peers see me on school
properties. I had a hard time going from embarrassed of me to embracing my
personality. My personal life has completely transformed after reading the

Nikki's little sister, Brianna, reminds me a ton of my younger brother,
Jeffery Adam. We might be seventeen months apart, but he acts like a two
year old the majority of the time. Even though I have 5 siblings, it feels like he is
my only brother because three of my other siblings live thirty minutes away and
my older brother is in Mountain Home, Idaho for the Air Force. My little brother
may not be eight or nine, but I have to make lunch for him when we do not have
school like he is two. Long story short. I have enjoyed the experience in having
a book that can relate to me a whole lot and can not wait for more to read.

                                                                                     Your Biggest Fan,
                                                                                     -Autumn Bradford-


Level 1--3rd Place

Dear Suzanne LaFleur,

Your story Love, Aubrey changed my thinking on life. One way it changed my thinking on
life is it made me think more about what I am doing and what my family is doing to make sure
no one in our family gets hurt.

My younger brother recently broke his left arm. He just got his cast off around
Thanksgiving. It was very heart breaking to think about how he could not do very many things
with his arm being broken. At first we did not think that his arm was broken. I did not really
think much about it even when we knew his arm was broken. I just thought "Oh that's so cool!"
Everyone else thought so as well. Then I got to thinking that he is only one of my four siblings
who could break their arm. What if another one breaks their arm?

My second reason that your book changed my thinking on life is that it made me realize
that I am lucky to have all four of my siblings and both of my parents who live under the same
roof and are happy at the same time. I am also lucky that I have two parents who love me very

My final reason that your book changed my thinking on life is that I realize that I am
lucky to have two parents who have money and jobs. My dad works at an ammunition plant and
my mom works at a doctor's office. Aubrey did not have even one actual parent at home to take
care of her.

When I read this book I had some questions. Did the author actually go through
something like this? Did she have a friend who went through this? Lastly why Aubrey was so
scared to tell anyone what was going on and what she was feeling?

These are the reasons Love, Aubrey changed my thinking on life. I really enjoyed your
book. I hope other kids love your book as much as I do!


                                                                                                          Grace Brown