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Zotero-Citation Management Tool: Creating Bibliographies

This guide will explain what Zotero is, and provide instructions for how to use Zotero to manage citations.

Creating Bibliographies in Zotero

Once you have added resources to your Zotero Library, it is easy to create a bibliography.

Simply right click on an item, or a collection of items to create a bibilography.

Next, you will be given a pop-up menu where you can choose your citation style and output file format.

Once you click okay, your bibiliographic citations will be saved or printed in whichever format you chose.

Creating Bibliographies in a Word Processor

If you want your bibliography to be created in a word processing document, while you are working on your research project or paper, you will need to install the Zotero Word Processing Plug-In.

Once the Word Processing Plug-In is installed, it is easy to import your citation information directly into your working document.

Go to the Add-on tab in your word processor's menu and you will see the options to add citations, bibliographies, and edit preferences.

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