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Crisis & Disaster Management: Articles

How To Obtain Articles

When you find article citations that do not have full text links in the record, they might still be found in full text through another database.  Use the  box that you see in the article record.

When you see this message: "Content is available via the following links:" then click on the Article or Journal link which can be found under the Link to content column. This action will take you to another database. Continue to explore the new database, clicking on links as needed, until the full text is found.

When you see this message: "Sorry, this journal is not available in print or electronic formats at JCKL" then click on the JCKL ILL link which is found under the Addtional options: heading. This will lead you to the JCKL ILL logon screen. When you have logged into the system, the request form will automatically be filled out; scroll to the bottom of the request form and click the submit button. The article will then be "on order" with the Interlibrary Loan office at JCKL.


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