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Crisis & Disaster Management: Finding Articles & Journals

Keyword Suggestions

Try these keywords and keyword combinations when doing your searches.

HINT: To search for the exact phrase, use the quotations in your search.

  • "Disaster Management"
  • "Disaster Recovery"
  • "Emergency Management"
  • "Crisis Management"
  • "Risk Management"
  • "Emergency Operations"
  • "Hazardous Material*"
  • "Business Continuity"
  • "Business Recovery"
  • "Continuity of Operations"
  • Preparedness
  • Vulnerability
  • Resilience

 Some Boolean strategies:

  • Disaster AND (prepar* OR manag* OR recover*)
  • Continuity AND Operations
  • Business AND (recovery OR continuity OR vulnerability)

Professional News Magazines


Once you have some keywords in mind (see the left column), pick a database.

Database suggestions are found on the sub-pages for this tab, or click one below:

1. Google Scholar
2. Other Sources
3. Library Databases

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