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Empirical Research

Aid for students conducting empirical research

Searching in JCK Library for Empirical Research Articles

There are several ways that you can search for empirical research articles. The tips below are general and can be used with most databases. 

General guidelines 

In the search box, type in your topic and one of the following options:

On the first two, by using the quotation marks, the database will search for those terms together rather than separated in the text. The capital OR designates it as a boolean operator and it will search for BOTH terms and you do not need to do separate searches. Here are several options:

  • “empirical research” OR “empirical study”

  • “qualitative research” OR “quantitative research”

  • “study” OR “studies”

Databases also provide specific ways to narrow your search (specific options and terminology may vary by database). In general look for these types of options under advanced search.

  • More Search options….

  • Document type - “report”, “studies/research reports”, “evidenced based”

  • Methodology - such as “empirical study”

  • Source type - such as “scholarly journals”

  • Intended audience - such as “researcher”