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This page will provide tips and links for all your library research needs as a student participating in LSAMP.

What is Peer-Reviewed Literature

Peer-reviewed journals are also called “refereed” or “juried” journals. They are sometimes called "scholarly" or "academic" journals. The peer review process means that a manuscript is reviewed by others in the same field. These individuals (peers) read and review the manuscript, offering their comments and judgment as to its value. The process is intended to enhance the quality of the publications.

Note: You might find different terminology used to refer to peer-reviewed articles. A professor might ask you to find primary studies, primary research, scholarly articles or peer-reviewed articles. These are all generally referred as the same thing, however, if you need further help ask your professor or a librarian!

To learn more information about scholarly literature consult the Peer-Review and Primary Research in the Sciences guide.