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CSPA 5110: Introduction to Student Affairs Administration

Guide for course CSPA 5110

Finding Resources in the JCK Library

Organizing your research

Below you will find several videos and links to help you find articles for your assignments and research. BEFORE YOU START, it is helpful to have some way to organize your information as you gather  your citations. If you only need one or two sources, it may not be critical but as you have to do more extensive research it becomes imperative.

At minimum, create a document to save your citations. I recommend including the following information:

  • Citation in APA format*
  • Permalink from the database. This link allows you to go directly back to the article if needed without first going to the JCK Library site and searching for it.
  • Abstract - The abstract is especially helpful for more extensive research to help you remember why you thought this article was important.

*APA CAUTION – when copying the citations in ANY of the databases, think of it as just the beginning. Some databases are better at accurate formatting than others. They will usually have all the information but the order, capitalization, italics, etc., may not be correct.

How to Search by Subject

Primo by Advanced Search

Request an Item Using Interlibrary Loan

Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students

APA Citing

For additional information on citing with APA 6th ed.  format see: APA Bootcamp guide.

For information on the rules for using the new APA 7th ed., refer to the Kent State University Libraries guide.