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Research Profiles

Learn to build a public research profile with Google Scholar and ORCID

University Librarian / Collection Management Coordinator

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Janette Klein
James C. Kirkpatrick Library
Rm 2236
(660) 543-4159

What is a research profile?

Google Scholar

A Google Scholar profile is a very simple way of collating your publications (and citations to them) so that others can find your work and often find an accessible copy that they can read. Once you have set up the profile, you can choose automatic updates so you don't need to spend a lot of time updating your publications list. If you create a Google Scholar profile, your profile will come high up the page rankings if people are searching for your work. - from‚Äč.

Why should I make one?

JCKL does not have subscriptions to SCOPUS or Clarivate. Google Scholar offers a simple solution to create a web presence to make your work more widely known to the academic community. It calculates your H-index and your I10-index as well as gathering information to allow calculations for other indicies. Coupled with ORCID you have the ability to make your scholarly work more accessible to the scholarly world.

Google Scholar vs ORCID

  Google Scholar ORCID
Who should use it? Anyone who wants to be more visible in Google Scholar. Anyone who wants to build a profile within prestigious journals and disambiguate themselves from other people.
Where does it work? Discoverable within Google Scholar only Discoverable within many publisher platforms.
Who maintains it? Google Non-profit ORCID and ISRI organizations
How difficult is it? Simple Clunky UI but fairly simple