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Instructors' Guide for Truth, Lies & Information Management

University Librarian / Collection Management Coordinator

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Janette Klein
James C. Kirkpatrick Library
Rm 2236
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CRAAP Test Rubric

The CRAAP Test concept began at Meriam Library at California State University, Chico in 2010 as a cheeky acroynm students could use by asking themselves a series of questions when evaluating a piece of information.

Librarians at the University of Central Missouri developed a rubric off of the CRAAP Test paradigm where students graded information on the five categories of currency, relevance, authority, accuracy & purpose.  Students then explained how they came to the ratings and whether they would use the information in a decision, research, etc.

The CRAAP Test rubric is designed to be a systematic approach to evaluating information regardless of the need.  Therefore, the rubric is used throughout the course for personal, professional and academic information needs.