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JCKL Collection Development / Collection Management and Maintenance

This guide provides information on the Collection Development Policy and Collection Management/Maintenance project(s) currently underway at JCKL.

Titles for Reconsideration

Attached below is the list of Titles for Reconsideration. When reviewing the list of Titles for Reconsideration remember the following:

  1. All of the titles in the Titles for Reconsideration list have either NEVER or have not circulated since 2002
  2. All titles in the Titles for Reconsideration list have already been reviewed a minimum of one time by Faculty Library Liaisons who are subject experts. 
  3. Faculty Library Liaisons used the following criteria when evaluating material to be weeded:
    1. Collection level: How vital is the item for UCM coursework and research?
    2. Intrinsic value: Is the item a seminal work in its field?
    3. Format: Is the format obsolete or has it been converted to another more current format?
    4. Duplication: Is demand sufficient for multiple copies of the item?
    5. Physical condition: Can a damaged item be repaired? Should it be replaced?
    6. Research value: Are older materials still valuable for research interests?
    7. Edition: Is the edition of an item held by the library superseded by a newer edition or format (e.g. electronic or online/networked)?
    8. Completeness: Is the item part of a set or series of which the library does not have a complete run?
    9. Uniqueness: Is the item held only by UCM?

The UCM Faculty community will be given six (6) weeks for review and to identify individual titles they wish to have reconsidered from the proposed list for de-accessioning. The review period will close at 5:00pm on Friday, March 15, 2019.

Once a title has been selected for reconsideration (to keep) please complete the Request for Title Reconsideration form linked below. Please note: Only titles received through the Request for Title Reconsideration form will be considered for retention in the JCKL Collections.

Library of Congress Classification Outline

Please feel free to utilize the Library of Congress Classification Outline when reviewing the Listing of Titles for Reconsideration to identify the discipline and subject areas of the titles based upon LC Call Number. Each class listed is hyperlinked to provide further class detail.

Library of Congress Classification Outline (

Request for Title Reconsideration Form

Please complete the following Request for Title Reconsideration form with all required information:




Alternate link to the Request for Title Reconsideration form: