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Patron Appeals Process

When a client believes that a library decision regarding the use of library materials or equipment provided by the area authority is incorrect, he/she may initiate an appeal. 

The appeal must be in written format and either mailed or delivered to the Library: Attn Client Appeals Committee, c/o Dean of Library Services. A return address, as well as all pertinent information must be included with the appeal. When appropriate, copies of receipts, canceled checks, or other documents must be included to support the appeal. 

An employee of the library involved in the issue, normally the area supervisor, will be asked to convene the Client Appeals Committee, provide information on the background of the issue, along with any documentation that supports the area's decision, but will have no vote on the outcome. The convener will immediately contact the Office of the Dean of Library Services to begin the process to select the voting members of the Client Appeals Committee. 

The voting members of the Client Appeals Committee will include one classified staff member and one library faculty member drawn by lot from the pool of employees not associated with the area involved in the issue. A student employee of Library Services will also be appointed to serve. The student employee will not be employed in the area involved in the issue and will be appointed by either the Director of Public Services or the Director of Technical Services in the most expedient manner possible. The three voting members of the board will review the complaint, including letters and documentation from the complainant and the information provided by the area involved and will make a recommendation for resolution of the matter within 10 class days after the written appeal is received. 

A written response from the Client Appeals Committee will be postmarked and sent by the Office of the Dean not more than 15 days from the initial receipt of the letter of appeal. The committee reserves the right to request more information. The “burden of proof” lies solely with the individual raising the issue.