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Welcome to the Educator Preparation and Certification LibGuide, where you'll find information about required tests for educators, such as the Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA).  Missouri requirements for entry into educator preparation programs and for certification have changed substantially in the last few years and continue to evolve.  The assessments are part of the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA) program. 

Information for prospective professionals and paraprofessionals is available on this page.  Be sure to consult the sources listed below for complete, up-to-date information. 

Barbara Wales
Education Librarian

Assessments for teacher education and certification in Missouri

Blueprint for graduation (UCM's website on student teaching and certification)

DESE certification site (DESE is Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.)

Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments



Helpful UCM Sites

UCM's Testing Services, in Humphreys 216, offers the MoGEA.  

Contact Testing Services or UCM's Office of Accessibility Services for information about special testing accommodations for individuals with documented disabilities.

The Learning Commons helps UCM students prepare for standardized tests, including MoGEA. 

Check the Student Teaching and Certification site for more information about entering the teacher education program, student teaching, and certification requirements.