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Information Literacy Program

Teaching and Learning support provided by faculty librarians for faculty.

About the Library’s Information Literacy Program

Information Literacy programs have come a long way from the early days of tours of the library, instruction in the use of the card catalog, and 50-minute “one-shot” sessions that attempt to teach students everything there is to know about searching for, locating, evaluating, and using information effectively.

UCM’s Information Literacy Program is vastly different in many ways:

  • Faculty librarians collaborate with faculty to design assignments that are more effective in evaluating student learning than the traditional 20-page research paper.
  • Instruction can be developed for 24/7 access online.
  • Information literacy instruction is a thoughtfully planned learning activity.
  • Instruction is customized to the user’s way of finding, evaluating, and using information (e.g., the way a scientist locates and interacts with information is different from the way a historian interacts with information, etc.).
  • Faculty and students can meet with faculty librarians one-on-one or in small groups to learn how to locate and analyze information.
  • Faculty librarians’ curriculum map information discovery skills to programs to reduce repetitiveness and increase understanding of higher level critical thinking skills.