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Zotero-Citation Management Tool: Collaboration

This guide will explain what Zotero is, and provide instructions for how to use Zotero to manage citations.

Zotero Group Features


Next to the new collection icon, there is a new group icon.  If you click on this icon, you will be directed to the Zotero website where you can create a group.

  • First give your group a name
  • Then choose what type of membership you want, public (anyone) can view or join, public closed can view but only join (invitation only), or private where it is strictly invitation only. 
  • Then select create group.  One thing to note is Zotero will not let you have the same group name as someone else, so if the group URL line is red, then the name is not available.  Once the URL turns green you can create your group.
  • Next, you can enter a description and choose the discipline that is associated with your group and even upload pictures or webpages.  You can also change your owner options on the right side of the page. 
  • Once you are finished make sure to click save settings.  After everything is saved you will get a green bar and settings saved message across the top.
  • Once you have saved your settings, you will need to sync your Zotero browser extension to the Zotero server before you can view your group. 

Once your group library appears, you can begin to add items.

You can create collections and add items to this library just like we did with our own library, or you can drag selected items from your library into the group library