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Map Resources

Map Collections

The Kirkpatrick Library houses several map collections. These include the USGS:

  • Topographic maps

  • Geological maps

  • Missouri atlases and county Maps

  • Geographic and thematic atlases

Below are descriptions of these collections along with links to online maps and cartographic resources on the Internet.

Strategies for Finding Maps in JCKL

  • Sheet Maps--These include a series called variously "quadrangle," "topographic," or "7.5 minute" maps. We do not have complete coverage of the United States. These are organized alphabetically by the state, then by the quadrangle name. Use the green index booklets to locate the quadrangle name.

  • National Geographic Maps--These are generally thematic maps originally received with an issue of the National Geographic Magazine. They are organized by LC Call Number order and are filed in the map collection.

  • Defense Mapping Agency and Army Map Service Maps--They are arranged by the American Geographical Society classification system. Use the index (on the map cases). Most of these maps date from the 1940s to the 1960s and were created by the U.S. Department of Defense. Most of these maps cover areas in France, Germany, Japan, parts of Southeast Asia, and north Africa. These maps are currently located in storage and available to view by appointment.


Maps and Cartography

Internet Resources for Aerial Photography/Remote Sensing